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Make the Season Sparkle with Christmas Lights from JAF Gifts

by admin17. October 2012 10:37

No Christmas season is complete without special lights to accentuate trees, wreaths, gardens, and just about any place needing a festive, colorful touch for the holidays. JAF Gifts understands this perfectly, and provides a dazzling array of lighting choices to make the season brighter for you. You can view the full JAF Gifts selection of Christmas lights here.

Christmas trees aglow with stringed lights

Stringing lights on a Christmas tree has become a popular and traditional “finishing touch” when decorating for the holidays. JAF Gifts makes this tradition more fun and memorable by providing a wide array of Christmas light designs to choose from.

If you want to keep it simple, there are basic stringed lights available for your tree to complement just about any type of Christmas tree ornament.

   (from left to right: Candle in holder, clear LED, and rainbow ribbon stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Why not make your Christmas tree lights reflect your unique personality with these one of a kind stringed lights in fun shapes? Whether it’s your career, hobby, or interest, you can’t go wrong with a series of blinking lights to remind family and friends what you’re all about.

   (from left to right: Ballet slippers, baseball and glove, and chef’s hat stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Christmas is also a time to indulge one’s sweet tooth. You can underline this by decorating your tree with confectionery-shaped stringed lights; something even the sugarplum fairies won’t be able to resist!

   (from left to right: Cupcakes, mini M&Ms, and peppermint candy stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Pre-lit wreaths

No door would be complete without a Christmas wreath hanging on it to welcome the season of giving. JAF Gifts presents a series of pre-lit wreaths for your convenience. They are ready to hang and equipped with outdoor lights for safety, all ready to provide yuletide cheer to any home!

    (from left to right: Apple green garland, classic Pine, and crystal white pre-lit wreaths, all from JAF Gifts)

Create a holiday landscape

Gardens need to be festive and donned in twinkly Christmas gaiety, too. Bushes and branches can be decorated with stringed lights in fun shapes, while outdoor walls and awnings can drip with beautiful icicle lights at night.

   (from left to right: Garden stake light set, grapevine stringed lights, and snowfall LED lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Quirky and fun illumination

Whether you’re a geek, a nerd, likes to drink or watch cartoons, loves animals and bugs, ore are simply unconventional, JAF Gifts is sure to have the perfect Christmas lights for you and your tree!

   (from left to right: Budweiser beer cans, Star Wars, and spiders stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

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