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Cupcakes in Pretty Servers by JAF Gifts

by admin24. September 2012 12:58

Desserts are the sweetest notes with which to end a symphony of delicious dishes. Don’t sour them with dull, ordinary-looking servers!

 JAF Gifts has a new collection of cupcake holders and servers in the prettiest, most creative designs. They can be given as gifts for the holiday season, or for any special event marking an occasion such as weddings, baptisms, and birthdays. Or, you can always keep one of these beauties for yourself to do justice to your own delectable baked desserts at home! Take your pick from one of these cupcake holder themes in the series.

Whimsical and playful. 


Whether it’s for a birthday, children’s bash, or simply to add a playful and festive touch to a tea party, these fanciful cupcake servers make the best centrepieces. Popular carnival rides like the Ferris Wheel and the carousel get a sweet treatment from JAF Gifts. Crafted from sturdy silver-plated metal, they can hold anywhere from eight to a dozen cupcakes.

The more, the merrier.

Expecting a big group of sweet toothed people at your party? Fret not. JAF Gifts presents a revolving cupcake holder which can hold 21 cupcakes! The multi-tiered durable design combines functionality and ornamentation in one go.

This charming chrome plated dessert holder can be placed at the center of a sit-down dinner or a round buffet table without needing to go around it. It revolves so people can simply pick out the cupcake flavor or design they want.

Glass domes in different delicate designs.

Who says small but sweet things do not deserve their own pedestal? Certainly not these pretty cupcake glass stands from JAF Gifts! 

These delicate glass cupcake servers come with their own domes and can be used to serve up cupcakes individually. Make that party guest or diner feel extra-special with one of these cute dome cupcake servers to sweetly cap the end of a meal!

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