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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

by admin11. June 2012 11:37

3 Tier Flat Glass Server-

Wrap fresh flowers around every tier, drape with greenery and have baby
breath spilling out onto the table for a regal yet fun appeal.

Hurricane 17” clear-

Have a decorative candlestick placed inside this hurricane glass and color
code the actual candle to your color scheme, also one can drape a thin
flexible stalk of greenery at the neck of the hurricane glass and have it meet
lower down on the swell of the glass with a simple but elegant flower such as
the Casablanca lily with a small train trailing slightly off onto the table.

Normandy Amber Candle Holders-

Have a set of five candle holders at varying heights placed at the center of
each table for an easy but extremely classical look. For a more summery
touch you can loosely weave stalk flowers such as Genistra through the
stems of the candle holders.
 Leaded Mistral Vase-
Have three or four clustered flowers such as Floribunda roses pouring out of the
vase’s slanted mouth for a light, summery appeal.

5 Arm Crystal Candelabrum-

Vine bell flowers such as Angels Trumpet with white filler such as Baby
Breath and intertwine the around the arms of this elegant piece while
lighting tapered candles for an extremely romantic look.

Atrium Martini Glasses-

Have a set of three martini glasses preferably with varying heights and
place a large petaled flower such as the Famoso Dahlia placed face down so
that the petals will line the sides of the glass in a striped fashion. Fill with
water. Then place a candle nearly as wide as the mouths diameter but thin
enough to float, it’s an ethereal take on a polished classic.

Liliana Rectangle Plate-

Place a large votive candle about ten inches high in the center of the plate.
Diagonally across from each other while touching opposite corners should
be small triangled ivy bouquets with the thinning end placed at the corner
of the tray and getting thicker as they meet at the center and slightly vine
them up and around the candle for a royal arrangement.

Alexandria 5 pc Buffet server-

In the first section have multi colored pebbles of your color scheme nearly
until the top and fill with water. In the second glass place a rose of you
color choice with its petals opened and ruffled, floating in the water that’s
filled to the top. The third compartment should be filled with water as well
and have a small elegant fish, that doesn’t need to be fed often such as the
Winged Beta Fish in your wedding colors. The fourth division should have a
floating candle with corresponding colors to the rest of the tray for a multi-elemental exquisite display
of nature.

Hollwood Centerpiece-

Create a graceful floral version of the classic trifle. Have different layers of
flowers placed from top to bottom. You can start out with flowers such as
Gardenia but make sure as you get higher you are also reducing the volume
of the flowers. Try to end in Baby Breath or Stephanotis for anything more
substantial can be overpowering and detract from this intricate display.

Pillar Holder-

Place a tall thick votive candle inside this modern take on the antique
lantern. Have a bed of ivy vining up the sides of the candle and spilling out
at each corner to complete this poetic arrangement.

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