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Christmas Gifts Biggest Mistakes

by david19. December 2012 12:57



Drink up! Essentials for Liquid Lovers

by david19. December 2012 10:40

In life, you got to keep the thirst. It is that one thing that separates those who stall in between what could have been right and what could have been left behind for all the right reasons, and those who get to enjoy the reward of pushing it all the way. Thirst is what keeps us hydrated so as we can take on those challenges worth taking, games worth playing, and risks worth risking. If you are one thirsty person, you have all the reasons to celebrate and drink up. Yes, drink up to celebrate thirst. Your life can’t get any more fluid than that.

Now, to quench your thirst with style, here are the essential solutions.

Alcohol Aficionado

If you are an absolute alcohol aficionado and you drink to get drunk like the real rock star that you are, you must be equipped with the essentials to getting buzzed. These stuff run the gamut; from shot glass to shooters, cocktail stemware to those quaint miniature umbrellas, there is a horde of products to choose from and collect. But, for the more serious booze devotees, liquor dispensers is something you can’t do without. Liquor dispensers are a surefire way to pimp up your party. If you’ve already cemented a name as one to throw legendary booze fests, owning and brandishing your very own liquor dispenser will take your reputation a notch higher, and turn your parties from the scope of the legendary to such epic proportions.

Wine Connoisseur

For those who are fancier than thou, wine is typically the thirst-quencher of choice. If you belong to this class of cultured drinkers, and you fancy yourself as a wine connoisseur, it is not enough that you can differentiate your red from your white, or that you know which kind of wine to serve with fish, or steak, or popcorn. These know-hows, although admirable, simply won’t suffice. You got to complete your wine-wiz arsenal with the necessary implements such as a wine stand, wine holder, wine decanter, wine rack, wine cooler, wine bottle opener, and wine bottle stopper. Or better yet, why not opt for a wine set?



Coffee Drinker

If you simply can’t do without your nicely brewed cup, or more accurately, cups, of coffee it is about time to invest in your very own coffee set. Unless you want the likes of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best to eventually render you bankrupt on account of your coffee addiction. You have two options here, either you make a one-time purchase of a nifty coffee seat, or take baby steps and shop for coffee scoops, mug set, coffee urn, coffee pot, cups and saucers, and of course, a reliable coffee maker, one at a time. Want to go the extra mile for your caffeine fix? Get yourself a coffee set that is both quaint and quirky.


Tea Fanatic

Trying to summon your inner British by constantly inviting friends and family members to afternoon tea parties? Make sure that you are doing it as cool as the Brits by using an array of tea-related products like a tea box, tea pot, tea strainer, tea spoons, cups and saucers, and tea light holders. Want to make your tea habit stick even during the hot summer season? Stuff your kitchen cupboard with iced tea glasses and you are set to go Brit all the way.



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JAF Gifts offers FREE SHIPPING until December 16, 2012

by david28. November 2012 09:42

JAF Gifts is offering FREE SHIPPING on Christmas decorations until December 16, 2012 as a “thank you” for your loyal patronage. Exciting gift items for the holidays are offered at significantly marked-down prices, and JAF waives shipping charges to sweeten this seasonal deal even more! Simply select and click on the thumbnail of an item you want to purchase, and then Add to Cart. It's that easy!

This offer is only good for US 48 contiguous states. Other standard shipping policies apply.



Cheers to Drinking Like a Connoisseur

by david27. November 2012 12:43
Fancy a nightcap after a long dinner with your loved one? Or, perhaps you are planning to invite some friends for a cocktail party to celebrate your most recent job promotion? A set of quaint drinking glasses is all you need to make these moments extra special.

Fancy a nightcap after a long dinner with your loved one? Or, perhaps you are planning to invite some friends for a cocktail party to celebrate your most recent job promotion? A set of quaint drinking glasses is all you need to make these moments extra special.

There are many types of drinking glasses and these items cater to specific types of alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the most basic kinds of drinking glasses every aspiring wine and liqueur connoisseur should know, and yes, collect.

Red Wine Glass

Carafe from

Red wine glasses are typically designed with wider and rounder bowl to facilitate enhanced oxidation. Since the interaction between oxygen and the wine affects the taste and aroma of the drink, it is crucial for red wine glasses to have the aforementioned attributes.

There are two known types of red wine glasses and they are the Bordeaux glass and the Burgundy glass. For full bodied wine variants like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvigon, Bordeaux glasses with their broad bowl and tall stem are most preferred by red wine connoisseurs. For more delicate yet subtler wine variants, on the other hand, such as the widely popular Pinot Noir, Burgundy glasses are used with their bigger bowls that aptly enhance the wine’s flavor and aroma.

White Wine Glass

White wine glass from


As compared to red wine glasses that more or less follow the same size and shape standards, drinking implements used for white wine variants are more exhaustive in terms of shape and design. Champagne flutes, for instance, are characterized by a tapered and delicate design. These glasses have long stems that culminate in a narrow bowl. The lengthy handle of champagne flutes is designed in such a way to prevent the hand from affecting the wine’s temperature. Meanwhile, the narrow bowl allows proper oxidation. Glasses used for chardonnay are shallower with wider mouths.

Sherry Glass

Crystal stemware from

This is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to drinking glasses. It can be used for port, liqueurs, aperitifs, layered shooters, and, of course, sherry.  One of the more known variants of sherry glass is the so called copita, characterized by a narrow stem.

Aside from the aforementioned drinking glasses which every household bar should have, it’s also nice to have a cupboard well-stocked with drinking glass accessories and accents. Items to consider include liqueur dispensers, wine coolers, wine bottle stoppers, wine bottle holders, stirrers, and coaster sets.

Once you have all the aforementioned items, the next thing to do is to plan your next house party. With a complete arsenal of wine and liqueur thingamabobs, you’re sure to make your guests swoon—intoxicated or not.


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JAF Gifts Black Friday Deals

by david23. November 2012 11:56
JAF Gifts already offers daily deals, but there’s more reason to be thankful with the Super Black Friday Deals!

JAF Gifts already offers daily deals, but there’s more reason to be thankful with the Super Black Friday Deals!

Specially selected items are being offered at unbelievably huge marked-down prices. From holiday décor to everyday ornaments, visitors to the JAF Gifts website are bound to be thrilled at how much they’re going to be saving with every purchase.

You can start stocking up on holiday decorations as early as today without having to worry about going over budget. Take advantage of some charming Gingerbread House hanging ornaments as their prices are slashed from the regular $21.69 to just $11.36. An elegant suite of Nutcracker figures (a set of four) could soon be dancing across your Christmas tree for just $19.80: a Black Friday special deal from its usual $37.99 price tag. And if it’s an understated yet classic touch you desire for your tree and for other holiday ornamentation, why not go for a twenty-four piece set of glass icicle ornaments for just $8.06? Their Black Friday deal price is a far cry from the regular $13.99…definitely a steal!  

Non-holiday gifts also enjoy significantly reduced prices under the JAF Gifts Black Friday special offer. A string of ten Japanese-inspired white lanterns with red prints can bring warmth and class to your home on any occasion for just $16.78…a big reduction from the regular price tag of $32.19. If you know someone special who is a music lover, give them a beautiful pearlized guitar ornament complete with its own miniature case, for a lowered cost of $7.18 from the usual $12.49. JAF Gifts also throws in practical but pretty household items in the deal, such as the twig-shaped gold metal wire hanger with its own base. It is currently being offered at a special price of $7.62 from its regular price of $13.89. 

What’s more, the site offers free shipping* until December 16th, so hurry up and get yourself a deal right now! There is no code necessary for the Super Black Friday deal, and you can expect more fine-looking items in the daily deals every time you visit the site.  

This is JAF Gifts way of saying thank you to its loyal customers. Go ahead and spoil yourself or spoil someone you love as you cherish every moment and rejoice with inexpensive gift giving…made even more special with the Super Black Friday deals!


 *only US 48 contiguous states

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Slow Down and Lighten Up with Jaf Candles

by david22. November 2012 15:35
We all need a breather. After a week of deadlines, meetings, phone calls, take-home work, and what-not, we deserve to have that me time where we can sit back and enjoy a nice book, or record perhaps, and just be blissfully alone. To make the ambiance ten times more serene, we can even light up some candles. Well, why not?

We all need a breather. After a week of deadlines, meetings, phone calls, take-home work, and what-not, we deserve to have that me time where we can sit back and enjoy a nice book, or record perhaps, and just be blissfully alone. To make the ambiance ten times more serene, we can even light up some candles. Well, why not? Who says candles are solely for new age mystics anyway? Even a banker dude in Wall Street can use candles if he wants to. And, lest we digress further, here’s a list of essentials for your next hot date with your lonesome.



Safari Art Glass Candle Cups


Candle scents come in many variants. Deciding on which scent would best give off that relaxing ambience primarily depends on your personal inclinations. If you are into that fruity fragrance, scents like grapefruit and lime, clove and orange, and orange and basil can definitely do wonders. For an earthier air, variants like cedarwood and lemon and patchouli and ylang, and lemongrass pepper and thyme may do the works. You want smooth and sweet and cool? Then thyme basil and mint, cinnamon, or rose geranium and lavender are your best options.



Wine Bottle Caddy

Where you put your candles contribute to the entire trick. You have to pick a safe spot for your candles. After all, you wouldn’t want to be lying in your couch trying to imitate your easy-breezy version of a yoga position and trying to find your center while at the back of your head you’re worrying about your candles burning down your apartment, right? Also, the candles should be close enough to your chosen relaxation spot, but not too close that it already works like a hearth on summertime.  



Pair Red 3” Dia Votives

There are many candle designs to choose from and one of the most popular is votive candles. Votive candles are normally small and quirky looking. They were originally used for religious offers or in spiritual ceremonies, but now they have become famous home accents and, of course, relaxation elements.

After you have already determined what candle scent and design best works with your mood and temperament, as well as the safest place in your house where you can place your candles, the next step is for you to light them and indulge yourself in a quiet and soothing ambiance.


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Make the Season Sparkle with Christmas Lights from JAF Gifts

by david17. October 2012 10:37

No Christmas season is complete without special lights to accentuate trees, wreaths, gardens, and just about any place needing a festive, colorful touch for the holidays. JAF Gifts understands this perfectly, and provides a dazzling array of lighting choices to make the season brighter for you. You can view the full JAF Gifts selection of Christmas lights here.

Christmas trees aglow with stringed lights

Stringing lights on a Christmas tree has become a popular and traditional “finishing touch” when decorating for the holidays. JAF Gifts makes this tradition more fun and memorable by providing a wide array of Christmas light designs to choose from.

If you want to keep it simple, there are basic stringed lights available for your tree to complement just about any type of Christmas tree ornament.

   (from left to right: Candle in holder, clear LED, and rainbow ribbon stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Why not make your Christmas tree lights reflect your unique personality with these one of a kind stringed lights in fun shapes? Whether it’s your career, hobby, or interest, you can’t go wrong with a series of blinking lights to remind family and friends what you’re all about.

   (from left to right: Ballet slippers, baseball and glove, and chef’s hat stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Christmas is also a time to indulge one’s sweet tooth. You can underline this by decorating your tree with confectionery-shaped stringed lights; something even the sugarplum fairies won’t be able to resist!

   (from left to right: Cupcakes, mini M&Ms, and peppermint candy stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Pre-lit wreaths

No door would be complete without a Christmas wreath hanging on it to welcome the season of giving. JAF Gifts presents a series of pre-lit wreaths for your convenience. They are ready to hang and equipped with outdoor lights for safety, all ready to provide yuletide cheer to any home!

    (from left to right: Apple green garland, classic Pine, and crystal white pre-lit wreaths, all from JAF Gifts)

Create a holiday landscape

Gardens need to be festive and donned in twinkly Christmas gaiety, too. Bushes and branches can be decorated with stringed lights in fun shapes, while outdoor walls and awnings can drip with beautiful icicle lights at night.

   (from left to right: Garden stake light set, grapevine stringed lights, and snowfall LED lights, all from JAF Gifts)

Quirky and fun illumination

Whether you’re a geek, a nerd, likes to drink or watch cartoons, loves animals and bugs, ore are simply unconventional, JAF Gifts is sure to have the perfect Christmas lights for you and your tree!

   (from left to right: Budweiser beer cans, Star Wars, and spiders stringed lights, all from JAF Gifts)



Cupcakes in Pretty Servers by JAF Gifts

by admin24. September 2012 12:58

Desserts are the sweetest notes with which to end a symphony of delicious dishes. Don’t sour them with dull, ordinary-looking servers!

 JAF Gifts has a new collection of cupcake holders and servers in the prettiest, most creative designs. They can be given as gifts for the holiday season, or for any special event marking an occasion such as weddings, baptisms, and birthdays. Or, you can always keep one of these beauties for yourself to do justice to your own delectable baked desserts at home! Take your pick from one of these cupcake holder themes in the series.

Whimsical and playful. 


Whether it’s for a birthday, children’s bash, or simply to add a playful and festive touch to a tea party, these fanciful cupcake servers make the best centrepieces. Popular carnival rides like the Ferris Wheel and the carousel get a sweet treatment from JAF Gifts. Crafted from sturdy silver-plated metal, they can hold anywhere from eight to a dozen cupcakes.

The more, the merrier.

Expecting a big group of sweet toothed people at your party? Fret not. JAF Gifts presents a revolving cupcake holder which can hold 21 cupcakes! The multi-tiered durable design combines functionality and ornamentation in one go.

This charming chrome plated dessert holder can be placed at the center of a sit-down dinner or a round buffet table without needing to go around it. It revolves so people can simply pick out the cupcake flavor or design they want.

Glass domes in different delicate designs.

Who says small but sweet things do not deserve their own pedestal? Certainly not these pretty cupcake glass stands from JAF Gifts! 

These delicate glass cupcake servers come with their own domes and can be used to serve up cupcakes individually. Make that party guest or diner feel extra-special with one of these cute dome cupcake servers to sweetly cap the end of a meal!

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5 Interesting Party Favor Ideas: Children’s Parties

by admin25. July 2012 10:40

Say, you are planning a party, and if you think that could not have been made to sound more difficult, say you are planning a children’s party. This is difficult in that in a normal party you know you would be at least, dealing with people your own age group; but with children, it is different. There will be noisy children and fussy parents, and guests constantly harangued by playing children.
All stresses of party planning aside, you know you should at least give away some party favors to your guests (and their children), for all their trouble.
However, the standard party favor equals a haphazardly discarded toy in a color coded paper bag can get to be quite predictable, so here are a handful of quirky gift favors that you could take into consideration!

Beach-themed coasters from


Although coasters would initially seem contrived, and admittedly unusual for a list that promises a piqued interest, coasters could be a perfect giveaway because one could not have too many coasters. And it is also a sneaky way to indirectly teaching your guests’ children how not to leave the wet aftermath of a cold drink on any given wooden surface. Buy them here:

Cookie Cutters

They belong to this list for reasons not solely by being something that looks good given away in a clear plastic box after a party. It works because your guests will walk away with the idea of starting a new hobby that involves your precious little giveaway. If not, then you may have just unknowingly led a child go down a path: that of baking delicious cookies. What child can resist the allure of cookies? Buy them here:

Candles…but not your typical giveaway candles

Now, if you are the type who does not deviate much from what you are comfortable with, but would like to avoid your guests hastily scurrying out before you could hand them the party favor you have worked your heart over, then it’s probably a good idea to look for come nice candles. Candles, being made from wax, is obviously easy to shape into anything, so whatever shape it is that you may think of, it is probably out there in candle form. This could also be a good opportunity for the children to know about lighting small fires. Buy them here:

Crystal Critters

Then again, if you are a more traditional party-favor giver, would rather not suffer the zany gift favor ideas of the new generation, then why not stick to crystal animals? Beautifully crafted to catch light and cast soft glows on wherever surface it has been perched, crystal animals lend a touch of elegance to an otherwise wile party. And since the crystals are also shaped after cute animals then it would not be hard for them to appreciate it! Buy them here:

A Mini Gumball Machine

Nothing says Kiddie party any more than color, and mini machines that dispense sweets are one of a child’s greater wishes when finding self in a party. It is a machine that coughs up gumballs. Children and adults alike will grow enamored at the adorable little things, and when the favors are taken home, they could maybe, put it in the kitchen to be refilled, and they will always have you to thank for all their future gumball fixes! Buy them here:

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Gifts for Graduates

by david22. June 2012 09:41

The big G-day will always be a rite of passage: for people of all shapes, sizes and age. Children go up on stage and come down feeling a bit older and wiser, and this sentiment will somehow always remain.

So what to get for graduates? This is always a dilemma. You can’t always keep getting them mugs or cards; it’s graduation. A graduation gift should feel, at the very least, like a reward for all the long years of hard education. It would be the least gratifying to go all “Hey, you spent all those years studying and weeping tears of blood over sleepless nights and lost days. Here’s a bear with a cap and diploma for all your trouble!

Of course, all those years of cognitive development would have had us learn what being thoughtful actually means. It’s the thought that counts, and it isn’t cliché in as much as the saying suggests; it’s kind of just a basic truth. With that out of the way, even the simplest, smallest gift could speak volumes.


Sure, there is the internet for permanently posting grad pics, but there’s nothing quite like singling out one special photo and putting it in a pretty frame, or gathering several like pictures and gathering them in an album. While graduation means growing a little bit wiser, it also means leaving behind some fantastic friends. All paths branch out an away at some point, so a picture frame or a photo album is an excellent gift for memorializing the moments and people met.

Picture Frames and Photo Albums from


Graduates are now a big deal wiser, therefore, a gift that reminds them of it should also be seriously considered by a befuddled gift-giver.

                                                                                             Clip-on covered watch from

We can’t all afford fancy vintage watches for our graduates, but the idea of giving watches comes from the thought of the giver (that’s you) giving the graduate more time. More time is useful. Whatever medium it projects itself on is welcome!


Nothing says thoughtful as a practical gift; it’s a gift from the moment you receive it and for every moment in the future where you actually use it.


Practical gifts at

Put more thought into gift giving; it could be personalized, quirky, even outlandish; it is an actual art form in certain countries. Remember, again, it’s the thought that counts!

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