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Silver & Crystal Candelabras

An event planners first choice to create the appropriate ambiance at elegant affairs, candelabra centerpieces easily add the required touch. With our vast selection of candelabras suitable for the buffet table, coffee table or as table centerpieces, you’re sure to find just the right décor. These timeless crystal and silver candelabras are the ideal table accent for weddings, social events, tea parties and more. Select from silver and crystal to classic and modern. Add just the right décor and set the tone for a festive evening.

Candelabra centerpieces makes a elegant statement on your table

Do you want every table to be the sample of perfection? When it comes to decorating your reception tables, Candelabra centerpieces will be the first thing all eyes are drawn to. The goal is to keep costs low with wedding Candelabra centerpieces for your serving tables, present tables, and the desert table.your guests admire their table decorations all night.

Warm your heart and home with those wrought iron, crystal or metal candelabras that seem to radiate Holdiay Cheer and Festivitiy. At You can choose from our complete line of crystal or silver candelabras to place on your dining room or buffet table to create an elegant and romantic atmosphere.